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Special Savings

  • Veterans: 10% off every day

  • College students & seniors: 10% off on Wednesdays

Loyalty Card

Earn points with every purchase by signing up for our loyalty program and get special offers from Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores. 

The loyalty card tracks your purchases and gives you points for every dollar you spend. Once you’ve accumulated 1500 points, you can redeem those points for $15 off your next purchase.

Sign Up Today!

It’s fast and easy—just come into Idaho Youth Ranch store and ask a cashier. With your address and contact info, we can set up your new account in minutes. 

Redeeming your points

    • A minimum of 1,500 points is required for redemption.
    • Tracking points is easy—we print your point balance on every purchase receipt.
    • Point redemption transactions are not eligible to earn loyalty card points.
    • There is a maximum of $40.00 redemption per day

Special terms of the loyalty program

    • Purchases of eligible items will earn 1 point for each $.25 spent per transaction.
    • Purchases of items labeled as “Furniture” will earn 1 point for each $.50 spent per transaction.
    • Points:
      • cannot be used to purchase gift cards or cashed in.
      • will be reduced on items returned in which points were earned.
      • cannot be earned or redeemed for transactions occurring through any of our online stores, vehicle sales, or Outlet Store.
      • cannot be earned on food and beverages
    • Accounts with no purchase activity within 6 months will be closed, and points forfeited.
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